Welcome to Spatial Medium™, a podcast and digital retreat for artists and entrepreneurs working towards social change. 

We talk with businesses, cultural leaders, and artists like you who are investigating the sweet spot between Creativity and Sustainability through a Social Good lens. Our aim through each discussion and narrative is to celebrate each unique voice, provide connections and resources, and create a platform for collaborating on the challenges most important to those communities served.

Podcast release scheduled for Winter, 2020.


Hi, I'm Valerie Farber, Host and Creative Director of Spatial Medium™, and I fiercely believe in the power of collaborative ideas, multi-disciplinary efforts, and diverse perspectives in order to build a better future.  A trained architectural designer and jazz vocalist, I have gained valuable insights by observing and operating not only across disciplines but frameworks and philosophies.

Spatial Medium™ will investigate what it takes - whether building a business or painting a cultural masterpiece - to create sustainable social change in the world.


Spatial [adj.]

relating to a space (physical or virtual) where experience is created by the diverse values and needs of the people who interact with it.

Medium [n.]

a means by which something is communicated; the intervening substance through which impressions are conveyed to the senses.