Our clients + collaborators are those invested in doing the challenging, pioneering work of making this world a better place by sparking and creating a sustainable world.  Unafraid of informed risk-taking, they know that effective transformation requires conscious, empathic, and intentional leadership.

Clients we serve:

Design is universal, spanning clients and industries, and our work is no different.  We believe that no industry is an island - meaning the established, everyday process for doing something in one industry is the next radical, innovative process in another.  With each new client, we pay attention to how things are built and work, then adapt these ideas to give the next challenge a fresh new solution. 

commercial + corporate office | co-working | Educational | Healthcare + Wellness | public library | Performing arts + theater | Retail | Science + Tech | small business

Construction industry partners:

We are experienced in all phases of the architectural design process and collaborate with firms, contractors, and client reps on customized Design Assist packages for public projects around the globe.

Small business owners:

We have built our business from the ground up and understand that sometimes (all the times?!?) you get a little too close to see around obstacles that come at you fast and furious.  Our Quick Shift ™ Sessions combine unconventional design methods and business development to help you solve issues faster.


With a background in architectural design, a passion for studying cultural systems and human psychology, and a desire to tell great stories, our projects range in scope, size, and type.  Whether your spatial experience is a 10,000 sqft building, a 6-week digital course, or a new product for market, we've got you covered.

Spatial experience types:

physical spaces

We create physical experiences for social connection, education, and support.  These could be traditional brick+mortar spaces (long-term leased or owned) or temporary pop-up experiences (conferences, workshops, targeted mobile services, festivals, product launches, etc.)

digital spaces

We help clients with their digital service space experiences (worksheets, manuals, pitches, and presentation slide decks) that communicate mission and service offerings across platforms.

product spaces

We consult on products prior to going to market (prototyping workshops, user testing strategy, and customer journey maps) to hone in on user logistics, product impact, and ripple effect.


We work with trusted and passionate folks deeply invested in contributing their expertise to creating change in the world.  Each team is handpicked to uniquely serve the needs of the current project.

Experts on our team:

cultural strategists | change management facilitators | design strategists | horticultural designers | agriculture consultants | service designers | architects | urban planners | marketing consultants | health/wellness consultants | Educational/learning strategists