Calling all pioneers, innovators, and solution seekers.

You have a deep desire to transform the status-quo, make lasting change, and inspire new realities.  You believe in the power of new paradigms to spark and create sustainable business and culture - they are always intertwined - and you want to lead by example.

That item on your bucket list, to make the world a better place?  We can help with that.

Spatial Medium is a multidisciplinary creative studio that designs human experiences that shift perspectives and transform social spaces to make a more equitable, resilient, and profitable future. 


Our work lies at the intersection of architecture, empathic design, and business development with heavy focus on social justice and community engagement.  With over 18 years of observing and operating between disciplines, frameworks, and philosophies, we provide our clients with curated strategy to see new opportunities, connect ideas, and create experiences that benefit and matter to everyone they serve.

We tend to be a bit unconventional in our philosophy and tactics and we think you might be, too.


Quick Shift™ Services

60-minutes of focused attention to get you free of obstacles and moving forward with a fresh new perspective and plan.

What Valerie was trained to do when it comes to physical spaces, she does, with ease, for entrepreneurs. In my case, she helped me connect the dots so that I could more clearly identify the prospects and clients who are truly ready for my behavioral-based financial coaching process. Game-changer!
— Jacquette M. Timmons, financial behaviorist and author of "Financial Intimacy"
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Spatial Audit™ Packages

A site-specific audit of the cultural, programmatic, and spatial successes, challenges, and shifts in your organization.

Understanding specific challenges with limited context, strategic direction, and how to design that improves the whole community - these are rare skills, and ones that Valerie displayed throughout our work together.
— JD Godchaux, Executive Director,

Empathic Visioning Partnerships

A holistic approach to business development, bridging the experience gap between leaders, staff, and patrons.

I met Valerie during a breakout session at a recent networking event. While there, we each had to present a business issue or problem and then the rest of the group would come up with ideas on how to solve this issue. Within just a few minutes time of me presenting my issue, Valerie deftly and intelligently assessed the basis of the problem and began to present multiple solutions and strategies to not only fix it, but the consequent effects that would possibly arise.
— Sharon Epperson, Simply Natural Clothing
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Design Assist Services

Design and programming services to assist clients and architects as they move through the process of creating a new spatial experience.

Valerie is a multi-talented creative, who not only finds solutions to design problems that arise during a project but also has the foresight to predict and avoid situations before they become issues.
— Julia Weems, Director Escuela Moda en IED Barcelona,

Our promise to you.

We aim to do good for our local and global culture, economy, and natural environment because sustainability is 3-pronged, interwoven, and far reaching. 

We aim to serve social justice and equity efforts by co-innovating solutions to the world's most pervasive issues, supporting activist efforts across industries, co-making space for marginalized communities, and amplifying voices struggling to be heard because there is much work to be done.

We aim to give every human safety, belonging, and love, because...humanity.  Full stop.

Join us, we're so happy you're here!