Spatial Audit™ Services


What is this?

A site-specific observation-based report of the cultural, programmatic, and spatial elements of your space - those that reflect your mission and goals, those that could use a little help, and a roadmap to help you align them.

Who is it for?

This service is for businesses and leaders who have existing physical space.  You know something could be better or you have a vision in your head of a future reality but you're unclear on how to get there.

Understanding specific challenges with limited context, strategic direction, and how to design that improves the whole community - these are rare skills, and ones that Valerie displayed throughout our work together.
— JD Godchaux, Executive Director,

What is the investment?

Packages start at $3,750.00 and are based on square footage, number of employees, and volume/type of traffic throughout the space.  Exsiting Plan Drawings, Test Fit Services, and more comprehensive Community Engagement Services are able to be added a la carte as needed (fee based on scope of work.)

What do I get?

At the end of our engagment, you will have a Spatial Audit™ Report with narratives, diagrams, and images that document the key takeaways.  Each organization is different so each report varies in content but the goal is always the same - to illustrate how your space is currently functioning and give you a roadmap for future changes.

We use a framework for cultural observation called AEIOU'S - Activities, Events, Interactions, Objects, Uses, and Sociopolitical context - and this will be the basis of the report.  We also use Architectural tools such as Circulation Diagrams (how people move through the space), Parti Diagrams (a high-level overview of the intention of the space/experience), and Programmatic Diagrams (where consistent program happens.)

Next Steps?


Step 1: Fill out this Project Intake Form - you'll need to know general square footage of your space, number of employees, business and cultural goals, scope of project, etc.

Step 2: Reserve a spot on the Calendar - we will need at least (1) full observational day* in your space, from open to close, in order to fully document what is happening.  *Note: number of observational days are determined by size of space, number of employees, and volume/type of traffic.

Step 3: Pay the fee - the moment you submit the Project Intake form we start work.  The deposit holds space on the calendar just for you!

Step 4: Get ready for our visit - alert your staff or clients that we will be in the space.  If direct interaction is welcome, let them know what we are doing and that feedback is encouraged.